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I have a family member at Palms Care Center. The administrators are caring, professional and keep me updated on my family member. The nursing/CNA staff are amazing and attentive to his needs. He is treated with respect and kindness. My family members are able to visit him with window visits during these times of COVID restrictions. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs special care for their loved one.

Debra W.

The staff at Palms Care Center treat my mom with care and respect. I get regular updates about her health and her needs. Mom is comfortable and well taken care of.
Thank you, Palms!

Kelly M.

This is one of the best facilities I have been to in chowchilla, this place was super clean and are super helpful. I would highly recommend coming to stay at the palms care center.

Michael T.

Palms Care Center is a great place. Staff are very friendly and work as a team. It feels like a family. The facility is very clean. If I had to place a family member in a long term care facility, I would choose Palms Care Center.

Ruth B.

Family like atmosphere. All the staff is attentive and helpful. I highly recommend this place for all therapy and long term care needs.

Christopher A.

I can give this place a five-star all because of the therapy and how far they got me. I sure do miss some people from there even residents.

Christina G.

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